I was despondent the day Mom told me we were replacing our old screen door with a new-fangled glass model. No slap of the old screen door? Losing the ability to make screen prints on my hand? (I was nine at the time.) No fresh air wafting through those tiny squares bringing a friendly breeze from our shady yard? It was a dark day for me. 

But as time passed I noticed the benefits of change. Although I, like many of us, dragged my feet as my reality was being altered I eventually understood and embraced that change that allowed for fewer drafts in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer.

Because so many of us have this trait in common (this dragging of feet toward more sustainable practices which benefit our ecosystems, our pocketbooks and our comfort) I named my consultancy for that old screen door.

The “new” can be scary but can also bring desirable realities into your business and career – realities that benefit not only you but the world around you. 

 - Margo Farnsworth