Margo Farnsworth describes her professional past as that of a hunter gatherer. From working in management at a backpacking store, as a park ranger and university biology teacher to working as a mammalogist, naturalist and executive director for the Cumberland River Compact working to enhance water quality/supply, she has always sought out ways to serve our planet and the people on it. In more recent times, she moved into the role of strategist and connector, helping national organizations, corporations, graduate students and PhD’s here and abroad to think deliberately and holistically about their missions,goals and operations. 

By activating water/energy-friendly behaviors, technologies and processes, using biomimicry more broadly in design and systems while enhancing communication internally and externally; businesses can become more resilient and bring that same benefit to people and the environment.


Margo's goal is to work on projects and with people to have stellar local sustainability impacts while tying into the global community to expand our collective success.

Margo educates and coaches to activate students and clients creating healthier landscapes as well as more sustainable communities.

(One of Margo's North American biomimicry students presenting a design for refugee housing.)